Ground Handling

Ground Handling

Basrah Ground  Handling Services (BGHS)- a member of the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC) and a Licensed Ground Handling Company at Basra International Airport (BSR),from where we provide full ground handling services, including but not limited to; passengers services, ramp services,Cargo Handling, CAA Clearances, Visa Assistance, Meet and Assistance , third part services as well as Refueling into-plane  services.

Our commitment to comprehensive customer care from the ground up makes us the most reliable “Ground Handling” company in the region.

    1. Ramp Services

      Equiped with State-of-the-Art Ground Support Equipments( GSE) and highy qualified manpower,BGHS  is  fully geared to provide ramp services at Basra International Airport including, but not limited to;

      - Loading and unloading of baggage
      - Loading and unloading of cargo
      - Baggage handling and transfer
      - Aircraft marshalling
      - Aircraft pushback and towing
      - Aircraft air-conditioning
      - Aircraft-ground communication
      - Provision for engine starting

    1. Traffic Operations

      BGHS  experienced Traffic Operation Team  will be at your disposal while your aircraft is on ground  and will provide all required services as per proven standard. Operations Services staff ensure the safe and efficient co-ordination of all ground handling requirements at the airport. Responsible for monitoring the arrival and departure schedules of all customers and the coordination of all turnaround activities, they are committed to maintaining the integrity of airline schedules.

      Station Management and Administration:

        AFP Filing
        Flight Operations Assistance
        Irregularity Operations Support
        Liaising with various port authorities
        Load Control
        Station Control
        Station Representation and Supervision
        Weather Briefing
    1. Passangers Services

      Check-in and Boarding:

      Our  passenger services staff are the key interface between our customer airlines and their passengers and play a leading role in offering the customer care that is critical to the success of BGHS ground handling operations.

      Multilingual staff are available to respond to all passenger’s demand. We offer a totally reliable and smooth check-in and boarding process throughout our highly trained team and latest cutting-edge  technologies..

      Baggage Handling:

      Providing safe, efficient and reliable passenger baggage handling services is a cornerstone of a successful ground handling agent and BGHS prides itself on consistently exceeding the standards of our customer airlines. Driven by a commitment to be the best, BGHS works tirelessly with both our customer airlines and airport authorities to seek ongoing improvements in the handling of passenger baggage.
      Each pieces of luggage handled on a daily basis by our ground operation staff with care and attention; efficiently process departing, arriving and transfer baggage within minimum time frames.

      Meet and Assist Services:

      Whether traveling for the first time or welcoming guest or ailing relatives, you now have the option of receiving the warmth and hospitality of the IRAQ culture with, our Meet and Assist  service at Basra International Airport.

      Available for arrivals and departures, the services ensures a personalized fast track services from our friendly Service Agents.

      We make traveling a pleasure and our staffs undergoes special training in various aspects of the airline industry, airport operations and customer care, resulting in the highest levels of professional service and knowledge

    1. Cargo Services

      BGHS is equipped with latest and “State of the Art” ground support equipment from Pallet Break , Dollies, MDL,HDL so to ensure most efficient and promptest cargo handling.

      Today, the strength of our operation allows us to develop and implement advanced systems and processes at Basrah International Airport.

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